Apartament garden: know what it is and discover 4 advantages!

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Apartamento garden: know what it is and discover 4 advantages!

apartment garden

The apartments located on the first floor have always had lower prices, mainly due to the noise and lack of privacy. However, the concept of garden apartment was incorporated, valuing this type of property.

It is worth saying that the construction companies are investing more and more in alternatives that are able to enhance the first floors. Thus, it is possible to find apartments with gardens, swimming pools, backyards, among other differentials.

Thus, the demand for properties located on the first floor increased considerably, making it one of the most sought after options.

Are you interested in the subject? So, continue reading this post to know what the garden apartment is and see, yet, four advantages. Do not leave it for later!

After all, what is a garden apartment?

The garden apartment, also known as the private garden, is a different ground floor apartment, as highlighted. The differential of the garden apartment is the presence of backyards, swimming pools, gardens and even specific appliances.

We can also highlight that this apartment model proves to be an excellent alternative for people who are looking for a larger space or want to have an outdoor area.

Families with young children and people who have always lived at home, but need to move to an apartment, are the most interested in this type of unit. Pet lovers also see the garden apartment as an excellent alternative.

It is increasingly easy to find this type of unit in new developments, as builders and developers are increasing investment in this property. The population is looking for safer alternatives to live, looking for more complete enterprises.

What are the advantages of a garden apartment?

The garden apartment has several advantages in numerous aspects, such as leisure with family and friends, space for small children and pets, greater privacy and comfort, and also the appreciation of the property. Next, understand each of these benefits more.

1. Leisure with family and friends

If you like to have your friends over for a happy hour, or if you want to host your family for a Sunday barbecue, the garden apartment is an excellent option.

This type of property will allow you to make numerous events at your residence, being able to invite anyone you want, without fear of the space being too small for these meetings.

In addition, the garden apartment can also be used for holding birthday parties and other events, aimed at children. Renting your own places or worrying about the condo’s ballroom schedule won’t be a problem.

2. Space for small children and pets

Speaking of children, we cannot fail to mention that the garden apartment is very popular with families who are considering having children or who already have small children.

The extra space will be used a lot by children to play and have fun with safety and comfort, being always close to their parents.

It is important to note that the demand for apartments with free areas is increasing considerably. Safety is the main factor, in addition to having a certain refuge from the stress of large cities within the residence itself.

Still, we can highlight that the garden apartment is also an advantageous option for people who are passionate about their pets. Pets will have space to play, not needing to stay indoors.

It will be possible to raise larger animals, such as some dog breeds that do not fit inside an apartment. It’s worth it, isn’t it?

3. Privacy and comfort

Privacy and comfort are very interesting advantages, especially when we remember the lack of them is one of the main complaints related to the properties on the first floor.

It is worth saying that the larger space can be used for different activities, without the need to share the environment (as in a club) or worry about other people.

It will also be possible to have fun and enjoy your family more, without leaving your home. After all, after a tiring week at work, nothing better than enjoying your kids at home, right?

As we highlighted earlier, this type of property is an interesting alternative for those who like to escape the chaos of big cities. The external area, with an adequate decoration project, can represent a more peaceful environment and that nothing resembles large urban centers. Think about it!

4. Valuation of the property

The appreciation of the property is the last advantage that we highlight. The private area of the garden apartment is directly responsible for a great appreciation of the property, mainly due to the fact that people are increasingly looking for this type of property.

If your goal is to buy to invest, the garden apartment becomes a great advantage. The recovery potential is one of the main attractions, especially for younger families. If you think about having a bigger property in the future, the garden apartment can present an extremely advantageous sale price.

An interesting property that is certainly worth analyzing is Olivia Vila Mascote, located in the Vila Mascote neighborhood, in São Paulo. The units are considered ready to live, in one of the neighborhoods of the noblest region of the São Paulo capital.

Vila Mascote is a region located in the district of Jabaquara, in the southern part of the capital of São Paulo. In the region we can find buildings of high standard, with quiet and tree-lined streets.

The neighborhood is considered well located, being close to Brooklin, Jardim Prudência, Vila Santa Catarina, among others. The project in question is close to Congonhas airport and offers apartments with two suites with gourmet terrace, one or two parking spaces and a private area above 70 m². It’s worth knowing, isn’t it?

Finally, write down one more tip: don’t be in a hurry! Research a lot and look for specialized companies, such as Trisul , to help you get to know and choose the best possible properties. Do not miss this opportunity!

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