Apartment customization: is it worth investing in this service?

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Nothing is more pleasurable than living in a comfortable, well-decorated home that meets all of our needs, isn’t it? However, when buying a property it is difficult to find one that is exactly as we wish. To make this possible, the best builders and developers have offered the service of personalizing apartments.

In this way, you will have an exclusive space that is totally suited to your lifestyle. Do you want to know more about it? In this post, we explain what this service is, how to order it and what are its advantages. Follow us!

After all, what is the customization of apartments?

Living in a property that is as we always dream, being able to choose every detail is the true fulfillment of a dream. However, this was only possible for those who built a house, something that is costly and can bring numerous inconveniences as it needs to monitor the works closely.

Concerned with meeting the needs and desires of buyers, the real estate market has bet on the customization of apartments. Thus, it is possible to ensure that the home is exactly as you need it, even if it is part of a larger enterprise.

Customizing a property is the process of adapting it according to the buyer’s preferences. This is done in apartments sold on the plant, that is, which are yet to be built. If, until a long time ago, all units were standardized, there is currently the possibility of having differentiated plants from each other in the same project or even on the same floor.

In this way, the construction companies are able to design exclusive units that fit the profile of their customers, since it is possible to change the structure and select the materials and finishes that most suit each one.

How does this process work?

Trisul’s personalization program is divided into phases. In the first phase you can choose the structure of your apartment and shape it to your liking. In the second, select the finishing materials you   like.

In addition, Trisul offers custom kits finishes for each environment, previously selected by professionals of interior architecture, always with more than one option. Being them:

  • floors;
  • wall coverings;
  • sink tops;
  • bathroom crockery;
  • metals from the kitchen and bathrooms.

After your decision, the architect of the construction company will contact you to schedule a visit to present the samples of the materials used and a complete view of the design of your apartment. Through this consultancy, it will be possible to preview the final result in advance. With this, you will also be able to clarify possible doubts with the professional or, still, request the help of those who already have experience in the field.

What are the advantages of customization?

In addition to offering a property exactly as you wish, property customization offers a number of advantages, ranging from savings to the convenience of not having to deal with renovations and adaptations of spaces. Next, learn more about each of the benefits.

Property valuation

An apartment that has the differential of customization with a focus on exclusivity, comfort and quality, is certainly more valued in the market. There is still the fact of providing more satisfaction and unique experience to the owners.

Best location

With the growth of urbanization, it would be necessary to buy more land to build a property that was as you wish. The advantage of buying a customized apartment is the possibility of purchasing a unit in better regions and very close to the facilities of an urban center.

This makes it an excellent option both for those who want to invest in real estate and for those who want to purchase a unit to live in.

More comfort and practicality

When customizing your apartment, you will make the choices that meet your needs and that meet your profile and lifestyle. In the same way, you can define new uses for the common areas of the unit, expanding or integrating environments, for example.

Cost reduction

If you opted for a ready-made apartment, many changes would have to be made to suit your taste, such as painting walls, changing coatings, metals and crockery. This would generate extra costs for materials and labor. As the construction company will be responsible for the process, it is able to negotiate more competitive prices directly with suppliers.

Time saving

Both the changes in the structure and the materials are chosen by the website, through customizable kits and, later, with the help of an interior architect. This makes the process much faster than searching and searching for the necessary elements.

Change optimization

As you will participate in all the choices made for your apartment, when the keys are handed over, there is no need to make any changes. Just make the change. In another situation, it would be necessary to wait for the entire renovation to be carried out, only then to be able to enjoy it at home.

More transparency

All modifications that are requested will be budgeted and detailed in a document that will be attached to the specification. Thus, everything will depend on your approval, avoiding unpleasant surprises in the delivery of the property.


As we mentioned, having a property with the structure and finishing handpicked was a privilege for a few and that had a high cost. The customization of apartments makes this dream accessible to buyers at a much more attractive cost.


Customizing apartments is not such a simple task. Changes must be well thought out and planned. In the case of ready-made properties, no alterations can be made, especially when it involves the structure or modification of the size of the rooms.

When done by a construction company, there is a trusted architect to accompany each stage, also to offer his knowledge and experience to indicate the best materials and coatings.

As you have seen, the personalization of apartments is the ideal solution for those looking for an exclusive property, which reflects their preferences, meets their needs and offers more quality of life to you and your family. That way it became much easier to make your dream come true!

Do you want to know more about it? Then, visit Trisul’s personalization website to find out the details of real estate customization!


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