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In recent years, interest rates in Brazil have remained at rates considered low when it comes to investment. This stability ended up bringing back an old belief that never stopped being true: the real estate market remains as a safe and profitable way to increase your money. But do you know how to invest in real estate?

To make this decision, it is important to have some knowledge on the subject, on what types of properties your capital is worth placing, how to make money from them and, mainly, how to calculate the rate of return on that investment. Therefore, in this article, we will help you to clarify some of these issues. Good reading!

1. Know the types of properties ideal for investing

There are types of properties that are considered more profitable in the market for you to make an investment, always remembering that the return will be felt in the medium and long term. Check out some below.

Investment in real estate at the plant

To make a good choice in the case of properties still in the launching phase or under construction, it is necessary to know the market in more depth. Assess the location: what is expected from that chosen region in terms of infrastructure and development is fundamental for the expected return in the future.

The property in the plant is usually 20 to 30% cheaper than a ready and a good option is to wait to resell it close to its delivery, when it will have appreciated, making your earnings really big.

Investment in real estate ready to live

You can choose, in the case of real estate ready to live, for investment for resale, with the appreciation of the equity, or for lease, which will offer you a fixed monthly income.

In this case too, it is necessary to know a little about the market, considering the location and size of the property. Those with two or three bedrooms are usually the most sought after by people looking for rent. It is necessary, then, to make sure that the price and the plan are suitable for what you intend.

Land investment

Many people, especially those from previous generations, have achieved great business by investing in land. Especially those that found great opportunities, seeing, in the future, the development of the regions chosen for the purchase.

This is what you should focus on when investing in land, which can be sold to construction companies or to other investors, who prefer to build for later sale or rent. The surroundings of large capitals still usually have these areas, which will undergo great development in the coming years.

2. Learn how to make money from real estate

The investment in real estate has a high value and, therefore, it must be well planned so that the rate of return is positive. If financing for the purchase is made, it is necessary to consider what part of the profit will be used to repay the loan.

You must also put in the account the expenses with the value of the property, furniture and renovations, if any, taxes, such as income and ITBI (Tax on Transfer of Real Estate), registration and deed.

3. Learn how to calculate the rate of return

To find out how much you will earn if you buy a property and place it for rent, you must divide the total investment made, considering all the variables we mentioned, by the net profit you will generate from the rent. A practical example: if you paid, including all fees and taxes, R $ 400 thousand and receive R $ 3 thousand per month for the lease, your rate of return will be almost 10% per year.

If you sell that same property, the same calculation applies. Divide the amount you received for the sale, which may be R $ 500 thousand, by the initial investment, of R $ 400 thousand. Your rate of return, then, will be 0.8%.

Investment in the real estate market remains, as your grandparents probably already said, safe and profitable. Just knowing how to plan and knowing the market demand is worth it.

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