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Philanthropy, which means love for humanity and is synonymous with generosity towards others, suggests the practice of solidary actions aimed at a more humane, receptive society with a better quality of life.

Although Brazil is known for being a country with generous people, philanthropy here does not reach 0.2% of GDP, while in the United States it is 2%, for example.

This situation changed a lot during the 2020 pandemic, when civil society acted quickly, with varied and significant donations, as confirmed by sociologist Neca Setubal in an interview . After this movement, it is expected that we will continue to be generous and supportive, understanding the place of the other as a place of citizenship, collaborating with society in a continuous and growing manner.

Real estate market on the way to a better society through philanthropy

Social projects and actions aimed at a more egalitarian society, with quality of life, education and work for all, are already characteristic of some important companies in the real estate market.

Builders and developers have included philanthropy as one of their areas of activity, showing a focus beyond good results in the market, in a vision that pays attention to the other and the society in which they operate.

Social projects created or supported by companies in the real estate market cover different themes, such as education, professionalization and sustainability, for example. Meet some Brazilian real estate companies that are making a difference in the lives of many.


At Cyrela, philanthropy has been present since the beginning of the company, as an important and necessary characteristic. Helping others is a value constantly spoken and exercised by the company’s founder, Elie Horn.
The company is the creator of the Cyrela Institute , which since 2011 has been investing in education, aiming to transform the future of many people.

Philanthropy at Cyrela.

Through partnerships with other institutions, Instituto Cyrela financially supports projects in the area of ​​education in the cities where the brand is present (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Porto Alegre). Since its creation, the Institute has invested more than 40 million reais in education, benefiting more than 50 thousand people.

The Institute seeks projects that serve the population in a situation of social vulnerability in three age groups: early childhood (0 to 6 years old), children and adolescents (7 to 14 years old) and young people (15 to 24 years old).

In addition, the Institute has the Cyrela Volunteer Program, which was created as an opportunity for the members of the Cyrela group to participate in solidarity actions.


In 2014, the construction company MRV founded the MRV Institute , which aims to promote social transformation through projects that encourage the development of children and adolescents in situations of social vulnerability. The construction company invests 1% of its annual net income in the Institute’s projects.

For this, the Institute has a program with several projects, which operate in different places in the country, in partnership with companies, entities and public bodies. The projects support education through sports, culture and environmental actions.

Philanthropy at MRV: Community Day Care.

At the Leonardo Fernandes Franco Community Daycare, in Santa Luzia (MG), for example, the MRV Institute provided constructive and organizational improvements.


The construction company Even has the Even Sustainable, a platform that supports and creates projects focused on environmental sustainability, responsible for significant numbers related to the recycling of materials and the forestry area.

In addition, since 2008, Even has been developing social projects in its works and educational institutions in surrounding communities, benefiting more than 4,000 children and teenagers.

Recognizing the need for digital education for adults, Even carries out the Educ@r Program, aimed at employees and outsourced workers at its construction sites. The program teaches the basics of internet and the most used software in the job market.

Philanthropy: Together we can build a better world

Social actions are always welcome, even more so in a country like Brazil, with basic needs still in deficit. Fortunately, the real estate market is also helping to build not just cities, but a healthier and more efficient society.

If you know any construction company that acts socially through philanthropic projects, let us know!


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