Integrated room with terrace: know if it is worth investing

adding value to a house

integrated room with terrace

integrated room with terrace

Integrating environments is a practice that has been noticed for some years in smaller and more modern apartments. It started with the union between the living room and the kitchen, creating more pleasant spaces to receive family and friends. Now, the integrated room with terrace has been drawing people’s attention for creating a feeling of spaciousness and offering more light.

If you have a property with a balcony, you must have already thought about making this change. But, as it requires changes in the structure, you may be in doubt about starting this work.

In this post, we will show you the advantages of integrating these environments and what you should do, in case you decide, even, for the endeavor. Read on!

Why should you have an integrated room with a terrace?

There are many advantages to having a room integrated with the terrace. Now, get to know the main ones and see if they meet your expectations.

Natural light

Integrating the living room to the balcony of an apartment offers you a gain in brightness. This is because when opening the room, the area will provide more contact with sunlight.

Ample space

The integrated living room with terrace will increase the space for you to accommodate your furniture. The change is also in perception: with more light, the feeling is that the room is bigger than it looks.


This combination of environments will make your life more practical, as you will be able to organize the room better. In addition, with more space, cleaning will also be made easier.


Believe me: this renovation in your apartment will add value to the real estate market. The integration of the room with the balcony gives a more modern air to the environment.

Know the disadvantages of making this change

If the move is not well planned, creating an integrated room with a terrace can bring some damage to your property. See some of them.

Thermal insulation

If your room previously had extra protection against the strongest winds, this changes with the integration of the environments. The same goes for sun exposure, which will be greater. Therefore, more care is needed when choosing furniture and curtains, for example, so that there is no wear and tear.


The situation here is similar to what we pointed out earlier. The separate terrace from the living room provided greater sound insulation. When opening the room, the sound passage from the street to the room is freer. Therefore, it is necessary to choose windows that minimize the problem.

Discover the best tips for integrating your room with the terrace

Plan the space

To start your environment integration project, you need to define what you want for that space. Plan every detail before tearing down walls. In fact, this is an important point: check the plan of the property and see if there will be structural problems with the change.

Decide if the idea is just to enlarge the room, make two integrated environments, create a gourmet balcony or even set up a Zen space, with plants, cushions and other items that bring warmth to your integrated room with a balcony.

Thinking about decoration

When deciding how the purpose of the integration will be, you need to think about the new decoration or how you will take advantage of the furniture you already have at home to take advantage of the larger space. Remember that, even in two environments, the decoration style has to be harmonious, as well as the colors chosen, the type of curtains you are going to use, among other details.

Making structural changes

Now that the project is already designed, it is time to start the project. The integration of the room with the balcony demands a work with fallen walls and, many times, even the change of floor. Also, do not forget to ensure that there is adequate thermal and acoustic insulation, to avoid the problems mentioned above.

Having an integrated living room with terrace will make your property more modern, much brighter and give a great feeling of spaciousness, especially if the apartment’s footage is not very large. Follow our tips and ensure that the move helps to enhance your apartment.

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