Investing in real estate in the plant: 6 cares that make all the difference!

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invest in real estate in the plant

Choosing a house or apartment to buy is really not one of the easiest decisions. After all, it is necessary to consider numerous factors such as size, location, price limitation or even the difficult choice of investing in real estate on the plant or in a construction already completed. To arrive at the best answer, it is necessary to start analyzing your needs and also consider that it is a high investment.

In this sense, when choosing to buy a property in the plant, numerous advantages will accompany this decision, such as the possibility of customization even during construction, flexibility to pay the entrance and more time to plan the change. Of course, when purchasing a finished property, you will not have to wait to make the move, but it will often be necessary to spend on renovations accompanied by expenses and headaches.

And for those who have doubts about the care to be considered when choosing a property in the plant, we have listed some tips that may help you. Check out!

1. Start analyzing the location of the property

When we choose a property to buy or even to rent, one of the main requirements to be analyzed is the location. Especially for those who live in large cities, this is an important factor that, on a daily basis, can mean greater mobility , access to services and facilities such as public transport, among other advantages.

Furthermore, nowadays the tendency is to prioritize quality of life more and more, which means spending more time with the family, being able to use the car less and going to work walking or even cycling, in addition to taking and picking up children at school, for example. So, when you live in a well located area, doing all this becomes much easier, even for those who have a hectic routine.

2. Evaluate the construction company of the project

Researching the reputation of the project’s builder can also help you avoid many headaches, not only during construction, but even after the property is delivered. Unfortunately, not all companies in the market work with the same seriousness and, many times, they are not even able to fulfill what is described in the contracts.

So, visit the construction company’s facilities, do research on the internet to identify possible complaints, try to talk to people who have already closed a deal with the company to identify the level of satisfaction and clarify all your doubts before closing any agreement.

Of course, there are many large companies, already consolidated in the real estate market and whose reputation is recognized by consumers. Even so, it is important to be aware of this issue when starting to search for the so dreamed immobile.

3. Review the payment terms

Normally, paying for a property still on the floor has some advantages. For example, if you buy a house that is already ready, you will certainly have to pay a good part of its total value right at the entrance. In the case of a property that is still under construction, this entry can be diluted over the period in which the construction company is completing the work.

In other words, you get greater flexibility to organize payments, while guaranteeing the purchase of the property itself, already with an estimate of when you will stop spending money on rent. In addition, many construction companies make special plans to encourage this type of purchase of properties that are not yet ready. So, analyze these advantages and take advantage of the facilities according to the reality of your pocket.

4. Pay attention to the possibility of recovery

Buying a property is still an investment such as investments in the bank, opening a savings account or even buying shares. That is exactly why you need to think about this purchase strategically, also visualizing a period in the medium and long term.

Typically, construction companies invest in areas with potential for growth and appreciation, but analyze the situation yourself. Does the area where the house or apartment is being built have good infrastructure around it? Over the years, will the region be an important point in the city?

Ponder your decision considering points like these, after all, it is a high investment and it will only be worth it if, over the years, you manage to get some kind of return, be it financial when trying to rent or sell the property, or even with regard to the valorization of the area with the installation of shops, public transport points, leisure and shopping areas.

5. See the customization possibilities

One of the main advantages when buying a property still on the floor is the possibility of customizing various details such as floors and coverings still in the construction phase. That is, you will not have to worry about renovations when you are already living in the place!

Make sure that the construction company offers this possibility for you to change some references of the project without major problems. By being able to make these changes even during construction, you will save money as well as time. Each construction company has its own way of working and rules. So, just be aware of the flexibility you need and what the construction company has to offer.

6. Check what the deadlines are

Finally, be sure to check the deadlines for delivery of the property. Of course, a building or a house is not built overnight, you have to consider a certain amount of time. However, in the commercialization phase, the construction companies already inform the deadlines for delivery. Read the contract carefully to make sure that what is actually mentioned is what is provided for in the contract documents.

See how it is not difficult to invest in real estate in the plant? Considering the tips listed above, have no doubt that you will make a great choice. Be attentive to the details of the contract, choose a reference market builder and keep in mind the needs that the property will need to meet.

And if you liked these tips, take advantage and contact us right now to know our real estate options in the plant in some of the main cities in the country!


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