Know how to identify and evaluate the constructive quality between properties

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constructive quality

Are you looking for a property to buy? There is an item that is not usually observed by people at this time – often, due to the enchantment with the new phase of life, or due to pure lack of knowledge. We are talking about constructive quality.

It is something that may seem very subtle at the time of choosing, but capable of influencing the property’s valuation and repair costs in the future. This is especially true if you are going to buy an apartment ready to live! So, are you interested?

In this article, we will help you better understand what constructive quality is and how someone who has no engineering background, for example, can do this type of analysis when visiting real estate. Read on and learn more about it before closing a deal!

What is constructive quality?

What determines whether a property has a high standard? What are the points that make it maintain or increase its appreciation in the market for many years? There are many factors that determine these responses, such as location, size, natural lighting, ventilation, among others. And that is precisely what makes up the constructive quality.

In other words, it is the attributes of a work that make the property offer security, quality, durability and comfort to its owner. This includes, for example, the thickness of the walls, their thermal or acoustic insulation, modern electrical and hydraulic infrastructure and in perfect condition, etc.

What contributes to this perception when visiting a property?

As we said, the constructive quality can be seen in details that, many times, do not go unnoticed. After all, few have the technical knowledge to check more accurate information about an apartment or a house. In addition, the time of purchase is also an emotional time.

In short, the property must not only be beautiful or spacious: it must be well built and, above all, offer comfort, safety and durability in its chosen materials. Let’s see, below, what you can evaluate at the time of acquisition to attest to the constructive quality of an apartment or house:

Quality of materials used

Observe whether ceramic or porcelain tiles were used and check the quality of ceramic tiles, crockery and sanitary metals.

Another point to be checked are the switches and sockets. It is necessary to know if they are well installed, if they are sufficient in each room and if the material used is durable. Doors and hardware are also part of this set.

Quality of execution of finishes

Not only the type of material for ceramic floors, tiles and porcelain tiles must be analyzed when entering each room of the property. It is also necessary to verify that their application was well done, that they are well aligned and leveled and that the grouts are well uniform.

Crockery and metals must be well fixed, clean and grouted in the correct position. The switches and sockets, on the other hand, must be level and upright, with their mirrors adjusted. Finally, the paint finish must be uniform and have good coverage.

Technical aspects and standards met

You may think that these issues could only be well analyzed by a technical professional. But there are a few factors that you can evaluate yourself:

  • adjusted and well-sealed frames, with correct functioning and closing;
  • slope of wet areas floors correctly executed, with good drainage to the drains;
  • positioning of hydraulic points according to the project, allowing installation of appliances such as heaters, washing machines, stoves and refrigerators, for example.

In fact, constructive quality can be assessed by anyone, even without technical knowledge. Just observe the details of the property when choosing one to purchase. And now, following the information provided in this article, you will surely be able to make a safer decision for your investment!

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