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Studio Apartment: 7 advantages of investing in this type of property

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studio apartment

studio apartment

One of the main trends in the real estate market that has emerged in recent times, without a doubt, is the demand for a studio apartment. This type of construction is ideal for people who want to live in privileged areas, but who do not need as much space as what is offered by a standard 2 or 3 bedroom apartment, for example.

Normally, the studio apartment meets the needs of professionals who spend little time at home and, precisely for that reason, do not need a lot of space. Another group of people who also prefer this facility is that of students, who also do not have much time at home, due to studies, jobs and internships, but who, at the same time, need to be in a well located area, with ease of access to amenities such as supermarkets, banks and public transport.

For those who think about investing in the real estate market and have doubts about the advantages of the studio apartment, below we list the most important thing you need to know. Check out!

1. More affordable investment

When thinking about investments, it is necessary to consider that each person has specific resources for this purpose. For those who are just beginning to discover the possibilities of making their money pay more, investing in a studio apartment can be an excellent alternative.

Compared to the value of a standard apartment, which is also a great tip for investing, the studio apartment has more affordable prices, which is a great advantage for small investors. In fact, this is one of the main reasons that contribute to the success of sales of these properties today and the trend is that this will continue.

2. Privileged locations

Typically, these small apartments are built in important urban areas, which facilitate the movement of residents and also access to services such as hospitals, supermarkets, shopping centers, universities and subway stations, for example. Whether for a student or even for a professional, details like these make a total difference due to the hectic dynamics of everyday life.

In fact, good location is one of the main factors considered for those who are looking for rental properties. That is, whoever buys an apartment in a good area with the intention of making it a source of income, being aware of this advantage is essential for the investment to have a rate of return as expected.

3. Low maintenance cost

A bigger property, be it a house or even an apartment, certainly demands a much higher maintenance cost when compared to the needs of a studio apartment. In terms of cleaning, this is also an important advantage, as keeping a smaller space always tidy and clean is much easier.

Whoever has the habit of hiring cleaning professionals to do daily or weekly maintenance, for example, will also be able to save on the payment of this expense, since the demand will be much less. The rush routine of modern life calls for this type of practicality, as people are increasingly busy with their jobs, studies, hobbies, among other activities.

4. Ease to be rented

After reading the mentioned advantages, it is much easier to understand why renting a studio apartment is often much easier to rent than another larger property. As an investor, you need to consider how the funds invested will be returned.

The purchase of a property in Brazil always requires a great deal of money, even for the purchase of small apartments. Therefore, before choosing one or the other option, carefully evaluate the advantages and the possibilities of return for each type of investment.

Do not doubt that a well located studio apartment with up-to-date maintenance will not have any major difficulties to be rented. With that, you won’t have to wait long to get your return on investment.

5. Meets different profiles

A studio apartment does not only meet a specific tenant profile. Imagine that professional who lives in one city, but needs to work during the week in another location. Sometimes, for a number of reasons, including family members, he does not want to give up his home entirely and move with the whole family to a new municipality.

So, he decides that the best option is to rent a small space to spend the days of the week while working and on weekends to return to his original home. This type of situation is very common and a studio apartment is perfect for this need.

There is also the student who comes from another city, does not have many resources to rent a larger property and, therefore, again the studio apartment will be the best option. Of course, we cannot forget the people who live alone and who also do not have the need to rent large properties.

6. Great cost-benefit

There is no more practical and more cost-effective property than a studio apartment, especially for those who are just starting out in the investment area. Also, it is necessary to consider that, often, these apartments have complete infrastructures, which include gyms and spaces for leisure, and their construction prioritizes comfort, since space is limited. There are several types of conveniences that value the property and make every penny worth it.

7. Comfort in measure

Those who relate a comfortable home to large spaces are mistaken. It all depends on how these environments are built, are connected and also the furniture and decorations used. A studio apartment may well offer the comfort that your resident needs and, best of all, without exaggeration.

After all these advantages of the studio apartment, you can already understand the reasons that make these apartments the dream of many people, right? Like any other investment, the tip is always to research well before investing your money and, of course, always consider your personal profile to choose the best alternatives.

If you are interested in a studio apartment, take advantage and contact us right now to know our options!


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