What characterizes each type of apartment?

apartment types

The world of real estate can be a little confusing for those who are just starting to search for a property. Many terms used frequently are not very clear to those who are arriving now. Studio, kitnet, loft and flat aren’t all the same thing? What is a penthouse? And type apartment? Calm. Everything looks more complicated than it really is. Understand now what defines each type of apartment, each of these types and follow the path more calmly in the search for your ideal fit.

Apartment type

It is the standard apartment in the building, which is repeated on most floors. Usually the plants are more conventional and have separation of all rooms. They can range from the simplest to the most sophisticated, with maids, suites and a gourmet balcony, to the simplest. They are usually classified by size and number of bedrooms.


A trend from abroad, lofts were originally built with other functions (commercial, industrial warehouses, warehouses…) adapted for residence. That’s why they have larger windows than the standard, more rustic coverings and, often, visible installations. What was born from a necessity has become synonymous with modernity.

This movement did not happen in Brazil, but we import the way of living in a loft. You can find properties inspired by the original lofts: high ceilings that often allow the presence of a mezzanine, large windows, little or no internal divisions and industrial-inspired coverings such as burnt cement, exposed brick and exposed installations.

Industrial-inspired loft.


The studio offers a practical solution for those who want to save money, live in a good location and need convenience. Close to the subway or important mobility routes in the city, these properties normally revolve around 30m². With an open kitchen, they have a bedroom that can be separated or not. Many today already have a small balcony.

Thera Ibirapuera By Yoo Studios

Corroborating the lifestyle of residents who are mostly singles or young couples, most developments in this style offer facilities and pay-per-use in the condominium, such as laundry, coworking, pet-place and cleaning service.


Oldest and most popular concept in Brazil. They are usually the simplest of the compact properties. The kitnets have similar characteristics to the conventional apartment, but do not exceed 50m². They are usually made up of a living room, bathroom, bedroom and a small kitchen.


In the flat , housing mixes a little with the provision of services. For those who do not have time to take care of the house’s routine, cafeteria, laundry and cleaning services are charged together at the condominium fee. Ideal for businessmen and professionals who need the location but do not intend to establish permanent housing in the place. Hotel solution with a home atmosphere.


Another old acquaintance of ours. The relationship between coverage and status and comfort is almost automatic. That’s because the apartment located on the highest floor of the building has the best view and often a private leisure area, therefore, the highest price. It can also be duplex (when it has two floors), triplex (three floors) or penthouse.


It also carries the idea of ​​luxury and spaciousness. Usually located on the top floor, they have a privileged outdoor space, sufficient for gardens, Jacuzzis or swimming pool. They can also have double ceilings and mezzanines, but this is not mandatory. They are special apartments with different items and that’s why you pay much more. Aimed at those who want to live and receive in style.

Cyrela ON's Penthouse in Botafogo Penthouse apartment in ON, by Cyrela, overlooking Christ the Redeemer

Giardino (or garden)

Another excellent alternative for those who cannot let go of the backyard. The Giardino type apartments are on the ground floor of the building and gain extra space to call your own. The more sophisticated ones can have differentials such as barbecue and pizza oven.


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