What is home automation and what technologies to adopt?

home automation 2018

what is home automation

Technological advances favor several sectors and are already present in many Brazilian homes. Home automation is a reality and it is becoming more and more popular, transforming the way of doing everyday household chores. These resources offered by the technology facilitate small routine activities and, still, they can contribute to guarantee a good economy at the end of the month.

Thus, thousands of people already use this convenience brought by automation to have more comfort, practicality and safety. However, do you know what home automation is? Do you know how it works? We have prepared this content to clarify all your doubts about this advancement in technology.

What is home automation?

Who would not want to have on hand certain facilities such as programming the air conditioning temperature, turning on the television or scheduling the closing of the curtains at the desired time? All of this can be done quickly and easily with home automation. This process is a set of technologies that is able to schedule these types of residential events automatically and on various equipment.

Through integrated systems connected to the internet, home automation intelligently transforms small daily actions. The goal is to provide practicality to residents through remote management of the residence. A simple mobile device, such as a tablet or smartphone, connected to the internet is capable of controlling the connected equipment in the person’s home.

In addition, home automation allows the programming of locks, lights and other sensors so that certain commands can be executed automatically. Depending on the lifestyle of the residents, home automation can be totally personalized, offering more comfort and practicality to everyone.

What technologies can be used?

The advancement of technology has enabled many appliances and installations in a household to receive intelligent systems and devices, capable of providing many facilities for domestic activities. To employ home automation technology, it is necessary to have devices with electrical connectivity, internet and a device that will be responsible for collecting and exchanging information.

Smart homes are very interesting living experiences and give residents control of the home and electronic devices from wherever they are, using smartphones or computers. The goal is to connect devices and devices to each other so that they are triggered by means of centralized control . Home automation can be used to:

  • monitoring of environments;
  • control of automatic locks;
  • smoke, water leakage and presence sensors on doors and windows;
  • control of water and energy consumption;
  • smart cameras;
  • deployment of wireless technology;
  • management of air conditioning systems;
  • control of curtains and blinds;
  • setting of personalized light, lighting and temperature systems;
  • automatic opening of gates and activation of alarms.

What are the benefits of having an automated home?

Home automation offers several benefits for all residents of the residence. Having automated equipment at home means having practicality, comfort and safety, but this technology can provide many other advantages, we separate the main ones.


Without a doubt, one of the biggest advantages of home automation is security. Having smart cameras that monitor all spaces and that can be monitored remotely, in addition to having presence sensors on doors and windows, is a way of valuing the safety of the whole family and the property.

Also, it is possible to use smart locks, which send notifications to your smartphone if it detects any strange movement. In addition, sliding gates are widely used, as opening is automatic, making it easier for vehicles to enter and exit.


Another important and beneficial factor in home automation is energy savings. Using specific automation devices, such as smart lamps, it is possible to turn on and off lights in empty rooms through applications. In addition, the use of thermostats combined with certain technologies is able to identify points where there is greater energy consumption, helping to reduce costs. Water consumption can also be controlled with home automation.


Home automation offers a lot of convenience and practicality for the whole family, since it allows the carrying out of several actions more easily. Some elements can bring more comfort, such as controlling the brightness of the environments and the automatic closing of the blind. In addition, applications allow the sound to be turned on in all rooms of the house and all movements in the environments to be monitored.


Controlling energy and water consumption through home automation is a way to help residents save on bills at the end of the month and also contributes to more sustainable attitudes. This control can be done by means of energy consumption meters, automatic switching off of lights and air conditioning, control of curtains and blinds according to sunlight and water leakage sensors.

What are the market trends?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly sophisticated and intelligent systems have become more and more common, through the Internet of Things (IoT). As a result, the trend is to increase the integration between the various applications in homes with our routine activities. Thus, in addition to smartphones and personal computers, home appliances and electronics can have sensors with the ability to process information, identify patterns and do the most different tasks.

Home automation technologies conquer this market and will promote its growth over the next few years. The trend is an increase in suppliers of electronic components that collaborate for automation. With this predictable popularization of home automation, smart home costs should become cheaper and more accessible.

So, now that you know what home automation is , you understand that it offers several benefits for the whole family, providing more comfort, practicality and security to the day to day. Count on trusted experts and professionals when hiring these services. Thus, you will have quality technologies with proven efficiency.

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