What to consider when choosing the ideal apartment size

1 bedroom apartment size

ideal apartment size

ideal apartment size

Buying a property is a decision that can generate a lot of doubts. One of the main ones is in relation to the ideal size of the apartment. After all, it is very important to pay attention to the measures so that the investment is advantageous and so that you and your family can live in comfort.

However, what factors to consider to get it right when choosing? First, evaluate the family budget, because the larger the apartment, possibly the more expensive it will be. After that, consider the price of the property and remember that a good location can also make you more expensive.

That done, whoever seeks to have the best value for money should still put some points on the scale. Next, we’ll show you the most important ones. Before closing the deal, follow our post!

Family size

To correctly choose the ideal apartment size, consider the number of people who will live together. If you live with your partner, a one-bedroom property, for example, may be sufficient.

For those who prefer a compact and practical place, a good option is a studio, which averages 30 m². Another interesting model for only two people is the loft, as it has integrated rooms and an area over 50 m².

On the other hand, whoever intends to have children in the future needs to take into account which place should have an adequate space for at least 3 members. In this case, the ideal is to opt for apartments that offer at least two bedrooms.

Thus, the couple will be able to preserve their intimacy by reserving an area just for them. At the same time, the child will have his own place to develop and play.

Residents’ lifestyle

The lifestyle of the residents is another essential item to be considered in determining the ideal space of the apartment. Are you and your partner more homely and like to welcome friends and family into your own home? So, invest in a property that has a more spacious room or a cozy terrace.

Now, for people who have a very intense routine and travel a lot to work, perhaps a small apartment is the best option. The same goes for those who spend many hours away from home, prioritize leisure travel or do not want to have a lot of work with the maintenance of housing, both in terms of renovations and cleaning.

Space for pets

Do you have or plan to have a pet? So, the choice of the ideal apartment size will also depend on the space reserved for it. First, check if the condo has any restrictions on pets.

On the inside of the property, try to see if there are more ventilated places and with good incidence of sunlight – as a service area – so that the animals feel more comfortable.

In addition, if your idea is to have a dog, there are several breeds that are the most suitable for apartments, as they adapt better in more closed spaces.

Condominium infrastructure

In addition to the size of the family, lifestyle and pets, it is also essential to consider the infrastructure of the condominium, as the areas of common use are like an extension of the space of your property.

Obviously, all residents must follow rules for their good use. With that in mind, it is a fact that a new apartment in a condominium with several leisure options will make your life much easier.

Many of them have a gym so that residents can practice physical exercises or even offer laundry service, among other perks. Gourmet area, party room, sports court, swimming pool, pet space and playground for children are some of the options.

Work space

With the changes in the job market and the possibilities provided by technology, many people already work from home, especially those working in the areas of communication and marketing.

So, if you want or believe you can work from home, take into account the space that will be used for the office before determining what is the ideal apartment size for you. Depending on the type of service you will be doing, you will need a place with more privacy, in addition to being quiet.

However, use your imagination if it is not possible to reserve a room just for this purpose. It is possible, for example, to set up an office on the balcony. In addition to being outdoors, the view is one of the advantages of this idea.

Necessary furniture and decoration

It may seem secondary, but in reality it is not: before choosing the size of the apartment, check what furniture will be needed and the type of decoration. Evaluate, for example, if the cabinets, sofa, table, bed, refrigerator and stove fit in the space.

Depending on the situation, you will need to give up some items or invest in planned furniture, especially for smaller apartments.

Period of use of the apartment

Finally, the last point is regarding the period in which the apartment will be used. As stated at the beginning, a bigger property is usually more expensive and can require a lot of maintenance.

Therefore, before financing or using the FGTS for the purchase of your own home, consider what are the plans for the future. In the past it was common to spend years living in the same place, but now many young couples change quite often, mainly because of work or due to the arrival of their children.

For this reason, a property with smaller space can be a good alternative for those who intend to spend a few years in it. On the other hand, if professional and personal conditions are more stable, a larger location may be the best choice.

As a last tip, remember to think and rethink as many times as necessary before making a decision. If you need help, seek specialized advice that offers personalized service. In this way, the client will be able to fulfill his own dream of living well.

So, did you like to know the factors that can help you define the ideal apartment size? So, stay with us and find out why investing in a property ready to live! See you soon!


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